L&R Consulting Co., LTD.

WechatIMG18.jpegL&R Consulting is a job recruiting company founded in 2016, located in the tariff-free zone of Zhangjiagang, Suzhou city, China. It is a bridge that linking English teaching positions in Suzhou-Venice of the East- with English language teaching professionals all over the world. In the past 2 years, L&R Consulting has brought over 100 English teachers from UK, USACanadaAustraliaIrelandNew Zealand and South Africa.







I wanted to give a big shout out to L&R consulting and Levence himself. When I started to decide to move to China, I wasn’t sure exactly what steps I needed to take to make it all happen. From start to finish he made sure that I was matched with the correct company that fit my expertise and interests. He was with me every step of the way. From paperwork, to legalization of documents and even he paid me a visit to make sure that I was satisfied with his work. In my opinion there is no other company you should go to if you want top notch service from your initial job search, all the way to your future arrival to China. He gives you an all in one package.------Chris Stanton (United States )




I cannot highly recommend Levence enough! I saw his add on ESL website originally recruiting for the "Venice of the East" and as you know, finding a suitable job can be a daunting and overwhelming experience. I sent Levence a message with my requirements and the thing that I appreciated the most of him is that he didn't try to "sell" another job to me. Most of the recruiters simply wanted to give me a job, any job, even if it was different from my requirement, not Levence. He asked me to give him a day or two, I waited patiently and then I got the message that he found a job that suited my requirements. I was so excited after the interview and nervous as well but I got the job and Levence negotiated a salary that was even a little higher than I expected. I can honestly say I wish I dealt with him from the start as everything went smoothly in my dealings with him.------Yolande Naude(South Africa)




I’d happily recommend L&R Consulting to anybody serious about working in China. Their professionalism and personal care were a great help when securing my current post.
When I suggested preferences, they were able to provide options suitable to my needs. Any questions I couldn’t ask directly, they would get for me.
Obtaining a work visa was made much easier because they would keep me posted on what needs to be done. What I like most is their honesty and willingness to take ownership of matters big or small.
L&R Consulting don’t cut corners and make sure that each stage of the recruiting process is dealt with respectfully. In addition, their attention doesn’t stop when I sign a contract.
Even after settling in China, they took the time to contact me and make sure I’m happy. It has been a pleasure dealing with them. Keep up the good work!------MD Ismail(United Kingdom)


WechatIMG25.jpgIf you are moving to China for work this message is for you. Let me tell you what these guys did for me. They matched me with the job I wanted, arranged the interview, guided me through all the paperwork on my end and theirs, greeted me in China, and made sure everything was in order once I arrived. I was in contact with a local professional the entire time who answered all my questions and treated me like a close friend. I highly suggest you check out their jobs list and contact them.------Lugo Adrian(United States )